AK Rottweiler Vamos

AK Rottweiler Vamos is a 2 - 2 Line breeding of Champion Devil Earl Antonius the only son of World Champion Tito Earl Antonius that become junior champion together with his sitter Diva. When Vamos was born we could see it from his eyes that he was not a regular son of Boika but the only son that has looked much closer with Devil Earl Antonius. He is a well balanced dog and acts when he needs to act just like the sword himself. He is good with children and we have chosen to include him in our stud book for a future possible combination of a granddaughter of Lex Vom Edelstein. The head is just fascinating we are hoping to see what we like to see in his future offspring (The power of progeny).  Vamos just like his father AK'S Boika  is the dog that would pass BH and ZTP tests without no doubt.