AK Rottweiler EL Mundo

Mundo is the direct grand daughter of Multi V rated Champion Devil Earl Antonius of South Africa and Great Grand Daughter of the Famous World Champion ADRK Tito Earl Antonius from Italy. She poses a very good temperament, she is a calm girl and loves the company of children. When it comes to looks, she is very beautiful that she poses the head of her fore fathers with dark colored brown eyes. She as the perfect angulation , straight topline and short coat as a Rottweiler is supposed to be. She has black and with butterfly tan markings on her chest. She is a perfect family dog one can have.

Not to mention, Mundo's Mother's grandfather is  Orka Vom Vilstaler an IPO3 dog who comes from highly linebred working line Rottweilers that have achieved IPO3/SCHlll one of them being  internationally known and produced by the Neubrands particularly the female known as Ellen Neubrand with VPG3, who descends down from the famous Akino von der lauterbrücke who was an international Champion and also good world known Champion with IPO3 Gekort dog. This explains where Mundo gets her ever so tirelessness behavior from. We are proud to have this girl in our kennel.